Sigmund launches AI generated RFP Hub for tourism professionals

Sigmund introduces “Travel & Tourism RFP HUB” its latest innovative solution to revolutionise the way tourism professionals find new business. It has streamlined the process of wading through government, NGO, aid and tourism board websites in search of various RFPs for business and made it function as “Tinder for Tenders!”

The new hub consists of opportunities for professionals who offer Consulting (sustainability, accessibility, development), Marketing (web, social, app, advertising, PR) and Research (branding, surveys, data analytics). Speaking with Tourism breaking news, Ally Stoltz Labriola, Director Sigmund shared more details on this exciting new platform. Labriola shared, “Sigmund’s new A.I.-powered RFP Hub makes finding travel and tourism contracts more efficient and affordable than ever before–at just $129 per year. Any tourism professional who signs up can access the hub. It caters to those offering consulting, marketing, or research services to entities like governments and NGOs that issue RFPs.” Among its unique features is that, “the hub is affordable, powered by A.I, and is tailored specifically for the travel and tourism industry, eliminating the need to sift through unrelated RFPs from other industries.” She reiterated how it helps in marketing, research, and analytics from a tourism marketing perspective, and how it can generate new business. “The RFP Hub provides marketing, research, and analytics consultants with specialized access to relevant RFPs in the tourism sector, helping them identify opportunities that match their expertise and utilize their skills to win contracts and expand their business. The annual subscription is $129 USD. A special rate for TravTalk readers of $99 USD for the first year is available with the code TravTalk99 at checkout.” In conclusion, she shared that, “a minimal investment can yield significant returns. Winning even one bid annually justifies the investment!”