42% Indian travellers struggle to decide where to go

According to data from Skyscanner, Indians’ passion for global exploration has reached unprecedented heights in 2024, with mounting early interest in travel indicated in its data. In the last week of 2023, the search volume for overseas travel by Indian travellers increased by 39% compared to the same period last year. Looking ahead into 2024, a remarkable 98% of Indian travellers are keen to try somewhere new while 42% share that one of their biggest struggles when booking travel is deciding where to go. In a survey conducted by Skyscanner, it is revealed that despite social media, TV, and film perpetuating conventional tourist spots, 95% feel fatigued by those repeated choices. 79% of Indian travellers admit that the prospect of booking travel in 2024 is overwhelming, with 40% citing cost concerns and an equal percentage grappling with destination decisions.